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Occasionally, being a parent is stressful.  A lot of the time, my son won't finish his milk, water, or juice.  However, I have to draw the line here.

If he is going to start a bottle of Sriracha, the greatest substance on earth, he had best finish the darn thing!  The stuff isn't terribly expensive, but it is more so than his other drinks.  I'm just saying it shouldn't go to waste, you know? :p

Just to be absolutely clear:  My son doesn't drink Sriracha.  He occasionally sneaks a taste of my dinner, and usually regrets it, though.  He is a rambunctious little rapscallion, so in due time he will probably be a Dark Lord of the Sauce.  Just like his daddy.

Don't worry, I rescued the half empty healing potion from it's untimely demise.  But why was it by the sink?  Who thought it was time to wash away the glorious fire?  You, like I, may never know... :p


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