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I thought it might behoove me to start a little blog outside the World of Warcraft transmogrification and adventures, which is the focus of Mog's Addiction.  There is a whole world out there, when I manage to get to it.  The way I figure, all parts are equally important when defining the whole.  Whether it's family, a movie, a book, a game, or just taking a look around you:  All things make a person define the "who" of themselves.

I am currently reading Exiles published by Marvel Comics.  I'm still in book one of the Ultimate Collection.  Having not read a lot of the various multiverses for X-Men, this appears to be a great primer for getting into the various characters and situations in the mutant filled (or not) Earths.  My friend Sincerely found the name dropping to be a bit much, but for a greenie like me, it's great.

That is all I have for today.  For anyone who manages to find this little blog, thank you for reading my random rantings of ridiculous repetition. :p
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